Ukrainian Schoolboy Developed Mine’ Detector Drone

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Ukrainian Schoolboy Developed Mine’ Detector Drone

Yurii Tumyr developed, and 3D printed the quadrocopter for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Schoolboy Yurii Tumyr from Ivano-Frankivsk town presented his project at the 4th all-Ukrainian festival of scientific developments Steam-fest. He showed a small drone, which was put out on a 3D printer. At first glance, this is the usual model, but the drone can save the lives of the military. The aircraft is equipped with a mechanism that helps to find bombs and mines. In addition, the design has a unique shape that prevents stealing the drone or jamming the signal. The drone operates on a given route. It records the location and type of mines in the system. All information in the form of text and coordinates is displayed on the monitor, which should be at the military base. The guy plans to create a drone detector mobile app so defenders can use it anywhere.

According to Yurii Tumyr, he initially wanted to create a machine with similar capabilities. Still, during development, he concluded that a small drone is an optimal solution in a war environment.

We remind you that another schoolboy serves in Drone Army and became a comic book hero. 

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