The Ukrainian Schoolboy Helped to Neutralize 100 Hostile Equipment

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
The Ukrainian Schoolboy Helped to Neutralize 100 Hostile Equipment

A 15-years-old boy went to the territorial defence as a drone pilot at the beginning of the war and became a hero of non-fiction comics

A schoolboy from the Kyiv region Andrii Pokraska at the beginning of the full-scale Russian offensive stood up for the protection of the homeland with his father. He used his knowledge and quadcopter to find out where the occupying tanks and other installations were. About Andrii created a comic book. It is called Dronovod (meaning "that one controls the drones" — ed.). The comic book tells about a young man who helped the military destroy the weapons of Russian soldiers in the town of Katyuzhanka, Kyiv region.

"The local fighters of territorial defence had several drones but did not have an experienced operator. So it happened that the only person who could control the drone was local boy Andrii Pokraska," the authors of comic books say.

The comic about the hero was included in the social comic magazine Inker in the 4 issue Partisans. The Inker is a social magazine available in Ukrainian and English. The site is supported by the European democracy foundation. The authors of the magazine tell about important and imperfect events. Inker has been working since 2021, but in 2022 the authors began to tell unusual stories of the war in Ukraine. In the previous issue, readers were able to get acquainted with the amazing story of Azovstal

We remind you that a Drone Army has been created in Ukraine, in which everyone can be trained as a drone operator and serve the security of Ukraine just like Andrii. Today, most drone operators in Ukraine's drone army are our gamers.

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