Turkey Thinks Russia Wants Negotiations

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 15, 2022
Turkey Thinks Russia Wants Negotiations

Advisor to the president of Turkey Ibrahim Kalin said that Russia wants negotiations not only with Ukraine but also with the EU and the US

During a visit to Kyiv, Ibrahim Kalin made several statements about Ukraine, Russia, Turkey's role in restoring the "balance," and steps to end the war. The Turkish edition Türkiye published an interview with the presidential adviser, in which he, speaking about Ukraine, talks more about Turkey. Kalin also managed to speak with Volodymyr Zelensky, and the president confirmed that he was ready for negotiations with Putin. We remind you that the president stated earlier that the negotiations would take place only based on dialogue and not blackmail and ultimatums from Russia.

The Turkish side still sincerely believes in negotiations with Russia. And even believes that the aggressor country is ready for them.

"We are aware that Russia wants to sit down at the negotiating table not only with Ukraine but also with the West and include a new major agreement," Turkish presidential adviser Ibrahim Kalin said.

Ibrahim Kalin did not specify what agreement is in question, but the fact that Turkey feels its responsibility is a fact.

"Turkey is aware of this position and its responsibility on it and accordingly takes a constructive position. Turkey contributes with great dedication to ensuring regional and global peace and stability. The fact that we can negotiate with both Ukraine and Russia simultaneously, inspire confidence in both sides and bring them together, makes it possible to stop a war that is negatively affecting the whole world. It is necessary to understand the concerns of both sides and listen to their demands without ignoring them. We, as a country, take responsibility."

At the same time, Ibrahim Kalin argues that all parties to the negotiations should be constructive.

For the terms of the negotiations to develop, all parties, including Europe and the United States, must have a constructive attitude. Knowing this, we are also engaged in intensive diplomatic exchanges with our European and American colleagues.

"But we continue to move forward along the path of discussion and will discuss, not wars, manifestations of anxiety and resilience," Ibrahim Kalin.

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