Killed for Being Ukrainian

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 7, 2022
Killed for Being Ukrainian

Irpin, Gostomel, Borodyanka, Motyzhin, Katyuzhanka

We are grateful to the eastern regions of Ukraine for taking the first blow. We are grateful to the Chernihiv region for not letting the occupiers into central Ukraine and splitting the country. We are grateful to the Kyiv region for not allowing the sick "We'll take Kyiv in 3 days". We are grateful to the western regions for taking half of Ukraine into their homes and taking care of us.

While the whole world is saying never again, the Russians are saying the propagandistic "We can repeat".

In the intro of this article, you see a boy. He is 6 years old, he stands on the grave of his mother. During the blockade of Irpin, she died of starvation. The boy placed cans with food on the grave of his closest, already dead person. Put food on the grave. This is what is happening in Ukraine now through the fault and desire of Russia.

Gostomel. The city near Kyiv, where Mriya was blown up. The town from which the cry of a raped Ukrainian woman first began to be heard. During the 35 days of the occupation of Gostomel, more than 400 people went missing. This was reported by the head of the military administration Taras Dumenko.

Irpin. This is the city where the Russians bring trucks and on these vehicles take the loot to Belarus, and from there, they send it to their homes by mail.

The death toll in Irpen has already exceeded 200 people, but this is not the final figure. Utilities sort out the rubble and clean up the city. And the bodies of the dead, which lie right in the middle of the streets, are described and recorded.

"Every day, we collect the bodies of our residents from the streets. Under the rubble, there are also the bodies of the dead, we will begin to disassemble them," mayor of Irpin Olexandr Markushyn.

"The greatest attention is now not to Kyiv but the Bucha-Gostomel-Irpin triangle. Everyone collects information about war crimes. This information is available on almost every corner", Kyiv correspondent of the news resource Present Time Boris Sachalko.

Borodyanka. The city that was called "Even worse than in Bucha". Not a single house remained in the town. Hundreds of people are under the ruins of houses destroyed by Russian airstrikes. Most of them are already dead because the Russians shot those who tried to get people out of the rubble.

"Borodyanka is worse than Bucha. It's real tin. We just didn't realize it. I tried to find at least one surviving house. I couldn't. They don't exist. And there were people everywhere. Because there was no such evacuation from Borodyanka," the journalist said. eyewitness to the tragedy Roman Bochkala

Motyzhin. This is the village where the Russians stole the headman Olha Sukhenko together with her family and brutally killed him. There are apparent signs of torture on the bodies of Olha, her husband, and her son.

"My relatives are lying there in the pit. They weren't military men, they didn't carry any threat. Why were they killed? Because they are Ukrainians!" survivor of the village.

Katyuzhanka. A village in the depths of Kyiv. Here the Russians planned to hide their atrocities quietly. About 150 peaceful Ukrainians were buried in the courtyard of one of the schools in this village. Most of them have already been taken out and handed over for forensic medical examination.

This is the price we didn't have to pay for our freedom. 

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