“Airbus” Breaks Last Ties With Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
“Airbus” Breaks Last Ties With Russia

Within a few months, the corporation will complete the process of excluding Russian titanium for both military aviation products and civilian

Due to Russian aggression against Ukraine, many international corporations and labels left the Russian market. On March 1, 2022 (on the 6th day of the Russian war), Airbus stopped supplying its spare parts to Russian aero-engineering companies and stopped providing technical support to its customers in this country. The company complies with European Union sanctions on Russia and coordinates the activities of its engineering centre in Moscow in accordance with anti-war measures.

"The Airbus engineering centre in Russia has put on hold all its operations for Airbus in line with sanctions," the statement of ECAR.

On December 1, Airbus announced the launch of the process of abandoning Russian titanium in its production.

"As for titanium, we are in the process of breaking with Russia. It's a matter of months, not years… I can't give you an exact date, it's a complex process with certification and everything else that is needed in aviation, but it will happen," Airbus Defense & Space CEO Michael Schoellhorn.

Since 2019, Russia has been a certified titanium supplier for the NH90 and Tiger military helicopters from Airbus. The process of moving away from Russian titanium will take several months, and Scholhorn says the corporation is "clearly on its way to becoming independent of it." Now that the company is searching for a new supplier, the process of certification according to aerospace standards will start.

On March 1, Boeing also stopped cooperation with Russia. Boeing has increased its purchases of titanium in Japan and the USA.

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