All 27 EU Security Diplomats Secretly Arrived in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 31, 2023
All 27 EU Security Diplomats Secretly Arrived in Ukraine

On March 30, a summit was held in Kyiv with the participation of all members of the Political and Security Committee

On the 400th day of the war, Ukraine hosted the largest conference in the last year. Members of the Political and Security Committee in full force from 27 EU countries arrived in Ukraine.

2 days before this event, all 27 delegates met with EUMAM and then visited the Ukrainian soldiers, who are currently being trained in Poland and Germany. Yesterday, March 30, the delegation arrived in Kyiv. This visit was not highlighted in the press for security reasons.

"The visit of the EU Political & Security Committee delegation to Kyiv is another strong signal of solidarity with Ukraine. Discussed with the Ambassadors of all EU member states the importance of timely military aid to Ukraine & our strategic cooperation to build European defence. The future of a safe and stable European environment starts within Ukraine. Investing in Ukrainian defence, the EU is building up the new European security order. Thank ambassador Delphine Pronk and the whole delegation for coming as Russia continues to attack Kyiv with drones," vice-premier of Ukraine Olha Stafanishyna.  

The delegation, standing on the defence of European security, met with other politicians during its visit, in particular, PM Denys Shmuhal, MoD Oleksii Reznikov, deputy ministers, etc. The EU permanent representatives also visited Borodyanka.

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