Another 32 Ukrainian Soldiers Returned to Home

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Another 32 Ukrainian Soldiers Returned to Home

On 11 October, Ukraine held another prisoner exchange

Head of the presidential administration, Andrii Ermak, said that 32 prisoners of war had returned from the hands of the Russian military. Among those released are 3 officers, 28 soldiers, and 1 seaman. The youngest defender released recently celebrated his 22nd Birthday. The oldest soldier who was held captive by Russian soldiers is 51. These troops belong to 7 different brigades and have served various assignments on the front. The men will be examined by doctors, they will receive all the necessary help.

Together with the defenders, the body of an Israeli who had long lived in Ukraine, Dmytro Fialka, was also handed over. The man had a family and a job in Lviv. He is known as a children's coach in the football club Dynamo, Lviv. At the beginning of the war, Dmytro Fialka decided to go the army. The warrior had a wife and 2 children.

"We return people. And return everyone. We will fight for every Ukrainian. After all, our people are our most precious treasure. And we will win. There's no doubt about it," said Yermak.

Earlier, Ukraine could win tough negotiations with Russia and return the bodies of the dead Ukrainians. Russia handed over 62 bodies. Among the dead are Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol, who Russian soldiers killed in Olenivka.

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