Archaeologists Discovered 1000-Years-Old Artifacts

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 10, 2022
Archaeologists Discovered 1000-Years-Old Artifacts

Ancient artifacts were found in Khmelnytsky

Shortly, artifacts are planned to be presented for general review. For this purpose, an exhibition was organized.

In the center of Khmelnytsky, archaeologists found old taverns and artifacts more than 1000 years old.

The finds were discovered during excavation work to construct a shopping and office center. Among artifacts — fragments of products from wood, ceramics, glass, bones VI-VIII centuries.

The site was located in one of the oldest blocks of the city. Several objects were found in the construction excavation, used as a residential or warehouse infrastructure. The archaeologist stated this, specialist of the memorial service of the regional scientific and methodical center of culture and art, Volodymyr Zakhariev.

It is noted that the building was constructed in the middle of the XVIII century. However, almost all buildings suffered from fire. According to the scientist, the bottom of one of the cellars covered the cowardly fragments of wooden baskets, bottoms and walls of the barrels and tubs, and even wooden crust from the containers for wine or kvass.

It is assumed that the premises were used as a warehouse for alcoholic products.

The museum specialists added that the big interest was caused by fragments of cereal grains, the market for baking bread, plates, ceramic pipes with watering, ceramic printing. And what was worth the halo — a round glass instrument with a diameter of 9.8 cm for smoothing thin fabrics and lace, which is found in the trash.

Special attention of archaeologists concentrates on fragments of ceramic pottery vessel VI-VIII centuries. With the traces of grasses, changing the idea of the time of settlement of the territory of Khmelnytsky.

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