Architecture Students Restore Banksy House 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
Architecture Students Restore Banksy House 

The house in the Kyiv region, on which Banksy created one of his works, will be restored along with the rest of the buildings of the Gostomel community

Gostomel community is an association of urban-type settlements near the town of Bucha Kyiv region. The Gostomel community includes 5 UTS Gostomel, Lakes, Gorenka, and Moshchun. In the UTS Gorenka, which was severely damaged by the Russian occupation, Banksy painted one of the 7 graffiti a man with a shower.

According to the administration of the Gostomel community, the restoration of the community has started, and 3rd-year students of the Kyiv national university of construction and architecture are being introduced to it. Recently, a competition of projects for the improvement of territorial communities was launched.

A fresh view at architecture will benefit each of the cities, and the house with Banksy will be preserved and strengthened so that everyone can see not only graffiti but also a full-fledged object, as it was and as the artist saw it.

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