Armenia Provides Ukraine With First Assistance Package

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Armenia Provides Ukraine With First Assistance Package

On September 5, humanitarian aid from Yerevan to Kyiv was sent

This was reported during the broadcast to Radio Azatut. Before that, Yerevan took a neutral position and did not help either Kyiv or Moscow. So, this package was unprecedented. The government of Armenia has sent a package of humanitarian components. Yerevan has yet to announce what it included and how much has been allocated for this. It is expected that official sources of the 2 countries will soon report the package's successful transfer. 

Armenia is gradually taking the side of the defence for Ukraine. The country's government has stated that it does not approve of the Russian Federation's invasion of foreign territory. In addition, on August 6, the wife of the prime minister of Armenia, Anna Hakobyan, attended the summit of the first ladies of gentlemen in Kyiv. Anna Hakobyan is an official who can deliver humanitarian assistance.

Support of Ukraine during the Russian military attacks is very important. The Kremlin has repeatedly deprived the Ukrainian people of warmth, light, water, communication, and food. Humanitarian assistance is, therefore, no less important to Ukraine than military support packages.

On the cover, you see the Russian missile attack against Kyiv this night.

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