Wednesday, April 13, 2022

"Ukraine needs heavy artillery, armored vehicles, air defense systems, and combat aircraft. Anything to repel Russian forces and stop their war crimes"

On April 13, Volodymyr Zelenskyy published an official video in which he again drew the attention of Western countries to the fact that Ukraine, which defends both itself and these countries, needs to be armed. From April 24 and for 48 days now, Ukraine has been repelling Russia's attempts to break our freedom and democracy in order to then go to war against Poland, Moldova, Romania, and beyond.

In the example of Bucha, whose photos spread worldwide, every representative of the democratic world saw the real face of Russia and Putin. To stop this, the world needs to arm Ukraine.

What weapons does Ukraine need to protect the freedom and lives of millions of Europeans

  • Artillery, 155 mm;
  • Artillery shells 152 mm as many as possible;
  • Multiple launch rocket systems: Grad, Smerch, Tornado, or M142 HIMARS;
  • Armored vehicles: armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, others;
  • Tanks: T-72 or similar tanks from the USA or Germany;
  • Air defense sytems: S-300, Buk, or western equivalents;
  • Military aircraft — MUST HAVE — to deblock our cities and save millions of Ukrainians and millions of Europeans.

"Freedom must be armed better than tyranny. Western countries have everything to make it happen. The final victory over the tyranny and the number of people saved depends of them. Arm Ukraine now to defend freedom!" Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

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