The EU Increases Military Aid to Ukraine to €3.1 Bln

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 17, 2022
The EU Increases Military Aid to Ukraine to €3.1 Bln

On October 17, during the shelling of Kyiv, from a bomb shelter, the MFA of Ukraine appealed to the EU Council with a request to provide Ukraine with air defence

Today, Russia carried out another terrorist attack with drones against the civilian population of Kyiv. And it would be possible to edit it with the words "nothing out of the ordinary because Russia is just so immoral at war," but a pregnant woman in the 6th month and her husband were killed. The whole family died.

While the people of Kyiv were sitting in the bomb shelter, behind the "2 walls" and on the basement floors, the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, from the bomb shelter, recorded a video message to the Council of the European Union countries with a request to provide Ukraine with more air defence. The answer did not take long. Josep Borrell replied that the EU-Ukraine military aid will increase to €3.1 billion, and another mission for the military training of Ukrainian soldiers will also be launched.

"While Dmytro Kuleba addresses the FAC from a bomb shelter, we raise EU military assistance to €3.1 billion & launch the EU military training mission for Ukraine. Russia's latest indiscriminate attacks will not shake our determination to support Ukraine, it will only reinforce it," Josep Borrell.

We remind you that the European Union approved the creation of another training stream of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for at least 15.000 soldiers. The training mission will last 2 years, and then the number of participants and funding will increase.

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