Ban on the Export of Ukrainian Coal/Fuel Oil/Gas

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 13, 2022
Ban on the Export of Ukrainian Coal/Fuel Oil/Gas

To ensure the economic security of Ukraine in the conditions of war, the government of Ukraine adopted restrictions on natural resources

On June 13, the government portal of Ukraine published updates to About the approval of the transfer of goods, export, and import of such licensing and quotas for 2022. In accordance with the updates to the law, specific quotas are imposed on the import and export of natural resources mined in Ukraine.
What resources are subject to additional licensing:

  • Natural gas of Ukrainian origin;
  • Fuel oil;
  • Coal and other coal-based fuels.

We remind you that the government of Ukraine has already started preparing for the new heating season, which this year will be difficult for Ukraine. The situation in Mariupol will be especially critical.

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