Bye-Bye, “Shaheds”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Bye-Bye, “Shaheds”

Ukrainian defence and industrial plant created a long-range drone

In 2014, Russia started a war called hybrid. In 2022, the aggressor launched another option of war against its neighbour. Oleh Boldyriev, head of the Ukrainian projects of the Ukroboronprom group, sees the criminal and bloody massacre as one of the most likely options for the continuation of the war. In his opinion, the Russian-Ukrainian war is gradually becoming robotic. So Ukroboronprom developed a long-range drone.

The drone is similar to the Iranian kamikaze Shahed. However, the Ukrainian version of the weapon can attack the target several times. The manufacturer explains this by the economy of Ukrainians. Ukrainian communications and software were used to create the drone. Nevertheless, Ukraine purchased some parts abroad for production. The first model is ready. It is reported to be flying. However, the test version has so far been made without improvement — without the opportunity to return to the base of the launch.

"The vehicle flies, talking about a strike drone, implied variant kamikaze," said Oleh Boldyriev.

The weight of the Ukrainian drone is 75 kg. The range of flight of the drone will be several thousand km.

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