Cypriots Raised Funds to Buy Drones for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Cypriots Raised Funds to Buy Drones for Ukraine

The company "Swarmly" transfers 50 drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The company's representative, Swarmly, told the specialised edition of Defense One about assistance to Ukraine. According to him, the government of Ukraine did not apply for help; it was an initiative of the people of Cyprus. Therefore, residents donated to the Ukrainian army, for the collected funds managed to buy 50 air vehicles. According to the article, military drones have already been sent to Ukraine.

Swarmly drones have no weapons but can resist radio interference. This means that they are quickly on the battlefield because the absence of a lethal effect avoids legal and trade difficulties related to delivering military products. The company notes that drones are easy to change. But this is an initiative of the fighters who in Ukraine have already had time to show their creative abilities on the front.

Swarmly's manufacturers note that their products are usually intended to combat groups of extremists. The organisation's representative equates Russia with the Islamic state or the Nigerian terrorist group Boko haram, saying that the fight skills are not much better than those. Taking into account the new style of the struggle of Russians abroad, Cyprus drones will be useful. The drones will be a part of the Ukrainian Drone Army, as a newly received drone-donation from Lithuania, UK and Norway. 

We remind you that Estonian border guards seized 3 drones from a Russian citizen and handed them over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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