Ukraine Will Have NATO-Type Drones

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Ukraine Will Have NATO-Type Drones

Latvia will send almost 200 drones and jeeps to Ukraine

Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Biriukov and Latvian singer Ralph Eilance completed fundraising of weapon assistance to Ukrainians — Latvijas Bayraktar. Latvians donated €900 to provide them. Organizers allocate funds to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles Atlas Pro and jeeps. Military aid should be delivered to the front as soon as possible. The collected money will be enough for 35 drones and 15 jeeps. Another 155 Atlas Pro will be transferred to the Ukrainian armed forces free.

It is noted that Atlas Pro drones are based on NATO standards and are in the arms of the United States and other Alliance countries. Each aircraft has a camera and a thermal imager to adjust the artillery fire. The weapon can work in any weather conditions.

It is also reported that ground aircraft control stations, repeaters, spare parts for repair, and gadgets for the simultaneous operation of 30 drones will be transferred to Ukraine.

We remind you that earlier, the Lithuanians raised money and bought anti-drones and Bayraktars for Ukraine, and the citizens of Czechia purchased a tank for Ukraine.

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