Cognac Factory Launched in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, July 23, 2023
Cognac Factory Launched in Ukraine

A vast complex for the cultivation and processing of grapes, the creation of cognac and grape drink

In Transcarpathia, the western part of Ukraine, a plant with a complete closed cycle for producing cognac and grape drinks was opened using the cognac preparation technology. The company includes 272 ha of vineyards, grape processing facilities, storage facilities for 600.000 l of the finished product in barrels. Notably, in this complex, cognac is stored in wine barrels. Today the enterprise has 60 barriques, it is planned to expand to 300.

"The launch of such an enterprise during the war is a powerful signal for everyone around. For Transcarpathians, despite objective circumstances, new jobs are opening up in the region, for investors, our region is working and developing no matter what. This is extremely important for the region's economy because the company regularly pays taxes and fills the budget. Ultimately, this is another tourist and image bait that will attract connoisseurs of a quality Ukrainian product to Transcarpathia," deputy chairman of the Transcarpathian regional military administration Myroslav Biletsky.

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