Collaboration of Ukrainian Business and State Crowdfunding

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 3, 2023
Collaboration of Ukrainian Business and State Crowdfunding

“United24” and stylish medical clothes creator “InWhite” launched a sale of patriotic hoodies to purchase generators for hospitals

Manufacturer of unique and non-trivial clothing for medical workers, InWhite, launched a project to support intensive care units of hospitals in Ukraine. In collaboration with United24 and contemporary Ukrainian artist Sonia Morozyuk, a line of white Life-having hoodies with a patriotic design was released. The cost of one is $66.

"My whole team and I are very pleased with the Ukrainian doctors. We saw how they saved lives during the pandemic, spent the night in intensive care units, could not see their relatives for weeks. We see how, during a full-scale invasion, doctors went to the front, working in hospitals and rea under incredibly difficult blackout conditions. We want to help doctors save lives. While the Armed Forces are fighting the enemy at the front, we must make efforts to support each other and our joint viability in the rear," InWhite CEO Pavlo Astakhov.

The goal is to collect $13.000 for the purchase of 10 generators. Thanks to caring Ukrainians, $8.200 have already been collected. InWhite will continue selling clothes, even buying generators.

"We continue the fundraising because now there are new needs and requests for help. Next up is the purchase of vacuum wound therapy devices. They are needed for quick healing of wounds that are difficult to treat," Pavlo Astakhov.

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