Warm Clothes for Brave Dogs

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Warm Clothes for Brave Dogs

"Made With Bravery" marketplace adapts "Be brave like Ukraine" style merch for 4-legged friends to donate proceeds to "United24"

The Made With Bravery marketplace, founded on Zelenskyy's initiative, develops and distributes Ukrainian-made goods in Ukraine and products of its own trademark  — Be brave like Ukraine. Merch with the patented inscription Be brave like Ukraine is in almost every family in Ukraine, not only because it is extremely cool but also because 25% of all sales through Made With Bravery are transferred to United24 and help Ukraine.

The MWB platform in collaboration with Noble Pet — a Ukrainian brand of products for furry Ukrainian 4-legged babies, has launched a line of clothes for dogs. Fleeces and down jackets in a recognisable patriotic design for various dog breeds are available for purchase. The inscription on the clothes calls to "Be brave like Patron" — a sniffer dog of the state emergency service of Ukraine.

Prices for clothes vary from 900 to 1.200 ($25-$33), and all proceeds from the sale will be directed to the reconstruction of 18 apartment buildings in Buchach district, Irpin, Gostomel and Borodyanka.

We would like to remind you that in the same towns, will be opened invincibility points for fluffy friends who were left without families and love due to the war.

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