Ukraine Opens a Heating Station for Animals

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 8, 2022
Ukraine Opens a Heating Station for Animals

The first "Point of the 4-pawed invincibility" will appear in Irpin, Kyiv region

In Ukraine, several dozen of Unbreakability points for people have been created in response to the Russian bombardment of power plants. These places are designed to warm people up and provide them with hot tea and the ability to charge phones. However, the animals also require warm winter, hot food. Therefore, activists from the Kyiv region, and volunteer organization Rcfa Irpin, have created a similar place of humanitarian aid for animals in Irpin.

The project was supported by foreign volunteers. The Americans gave a generator to create a help point. Also, volunteers from France joined the project. They handed overheated guns to Ukrainian activists. The authors of the project have already prepared cages, bowls for food, and places for waiting. At the moment, the organizers of the item The point of the 4-footed invincibility for animals are looking for a suitable tent.

Rcfa Irpin also noted that pet owners will be able to use help too.

"At this point you can always charge the phone, drink coffee or tea, feed and warm your pet, warm yourself, and even leave the 4-pawed for a while on the appointment because there are not so many cells," said the volunteers.

People who in the absence of heat and light remember about animals are invincible. Glory to Ukraine! 

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