Grievous Reasons of the Metropolitan Zoon Expansion 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 21, 2022
Grievous Reasons of the Metropolitan Zoon Expansion 

In the "Kyiv Zoo" will winter more than 200 animals rescued from the most affected regions of Ukraine

Winter 2022-2023 will be difficult not only for Ukrainian people but also for wild animals. In Ukraine, there were several large and small zoos in the territories that are destroyed by Russian occupiers. Zoo workers and animals were evacuated as soon as possible. The authorities decided to move the affected animals to Kyiv. More than 200 animals of different species will be settled in the KyivZoo. The national animal park staff notes that the country is in a state of economy, so it is difficult to maintain a large number of displaced animals. The zoo needs to provide the territory with uninterrupted electricity, gas, water, and infrastructure support. KyivZoo is constantly looking for patrons and is grateful to ordinary people for help.

"The cold is very close, and we do everything to keep the animals warm, groomed, and fed: we create stocks of feed, insulate the buildings, as well as buy electric generators, infrared heaters, wood stoves, etc. This year in Kyiv, there will be winter for not only permanent residents but more than 200 saved animals from the most affected regions of our country. And each four-legged, feathered or scaly — even the smallest — will receive all our care, warmth, and love," report to Kyivzoo.

The zoo is now looking for those who can help provide food, veterinary equipment, and medical supplies to the local and relocated animals for the winter.

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