“Antonov” Names Its Aircraft in Honor of Hero-Cities of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 5, 2022
“Antonov” Names Its Aircraft in Honor of Hero-Cities of Ukraine

"Be Brave Like Ukraine" extends to every single settlement that heroically survived the Russian occupation

Antonov state aviation enterprise, the cradle of the legendary Mriia, will name its planes in honour of the hero cities of Mariupol, Bucha, Irpin, Chernihiv, Kherson, etc. The concern decided to make such a gift to Ukraine in honour of Statehood Day.

Which planes will be endowed with symbols of the majesty of Ukrainian heroism:

  • An-124-100 (board number UR82029) – Be brave like Bucha;
  • An-124-100, UR82073 – Be brave like Irpin;
  • An-124-100M, UR82027 – Be brave like Kharkiv;
  • An-124-100M, UR82007 – Be brave like Mykolaiv;
  • An-124-100M, UR82008 – Be brave like Okhtyrka;
  • An-124-100-150, UR82072 – Be brave like Kherson;
  • An-124-100M-150, UR82009 – Be brave like Mariupol;
  • An-28, UR-NTE – Be brave like Chernihiv;
  • An-158, UR-EXJ – Be brave like Volnovakha;
  • An-178, UR-EXP – Be brave like Hostomel.

"On their wings, they will carry around the world the newest history of Ukrainians who gave everything for the sake of preserving their homeland, gave a courageous rebuff to the Russian invaders. The names of the hero-cities of Ukraine should resound above the planet so that their feat inspires unity against common adversity, new achievements and victory!" Antonov's press service commented.

We remind you that Richard Branson visited Hostomel and the destroyed Antonov airfield and declared his participation in the reconstruction of the airfield and the Mriia.


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