Coordination of the Military Support Program “ASAP”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 8, 2023
Coordination of the Military Support Program “ASAP”

On July 7, the European Council and the European Parliament agreed on the "Act in Support of Ammunition Production"

Act in support of ammunition production is a program of the European Union aimed at uniting the participating countries in the joint production of a million shells during the year and transferring them to Ukraine.

Today, the Council and Parliament of the EU approved the draft ASAP regulation, and after its ratification later this month, €500 million will be released from Union budgets for the production of ammunition.

"This is further proof of the EU's unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine, strengthening the EU's defence technological and industrial base and, finally, ensuring the long-term security and protection of EU citizens," Spanish defence minister Margarita Robles.

In addition to the production of ammunition, the EU program includes work to strengthen the interaction of countries in the production process, establishing optimal supply routes, monitoring the situation in the military depots of partner countries and introducing standards to maintain their combat readiness.

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