Crimean-Tatar Language to Popularized in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 23, 2022
Crimean-Tatar Language to Popularized in Ukraine

Ukraine launched the project "National Crimean-Tatar language corps"

The Ministry of integration is beginning preparation for a large-scale project to support and disseminate the language of ethnic peoples of the Crimean peninsula. Books, manuals, and other materials in Crimean Tatar will be collected within the framework of the project. The goal of the Ukrainian department is to create good conditions for the dissemination, development, and study of language. The National Crimean-Tatar language corps's ultimate goal in Ukraine is to introduce language in educational institutions (where it is needed), operating systems, and online translators.

Ukraine wants to support all nationalities on the state's territory, even if these territories are currently occupied. It should be noted that the Crimean-Tatar people do not support the entry of the autonomous Republic into the Russian Federation, and Ukraine has already 8 years pointed out that the peninsula will be liberated from the invaders. Therefore, every step is essential for the support of nations. Even language development and support. Especially given the fact that UNESCO has included Crimean-Tatar in the list of languages that are being endangered.

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