Declaration on Cooperation Ukraine-France 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, April 15, 2023
Declaration on Cooperation Ukraine-France 

On April 15, the ministers of health signed a document defining the framework for cooperation in the field of medicine

Ministers of the health of Ukraine and France, Viktor Liashko and Francois Braun, met in Ukraine, in the Lviv region. Politicians visited the new clinic of prosthetics and rehabilitation at the Superhuman Center. In addition to the opening of a new medical centre in Ukraine, politicians also reported on the coordination of 3 priority areas for the development of health care. It is reported that representatives of states signed an official document. It approved:

  • Dual protection of local, regional, and national health strategies and developments;

In addition, attention will be paid to the development of diagnostics and care in the areas of prosthetics, surgery, rehabilitation, treatment of the mental state of patients, and chronic diseases, in particular cancer.

  • Strengthening medical resources;

Countries plan to show the level of knowledge of modern doctors. They plan to achieve this goal by exchanging specialists between Ukrainian and French hospitals, studying and exchanging knowledge.

  • Accelerating the reform of Ukrainian health care for Ukraine's accession to the EU.

It is planned to involve Ukrainian specialists in European events and medical programs. According to the declaration, Ukraine and France will regularly conduct dialogues that can help accelerate their association with the EU.

"This is extremely valuable at this tough time for Ukrainians," said the minister of health of Ukraine, Viktor Liashko.

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