Launch of the Center for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation “Superhumans”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Launch of the Center for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation “Superhumans”

In Lviv opens a centre for free assistance to Ukrainians whose limbs have taken the war 

In the regional hospital for veterans and repressed in the city of Vinniki, Lviv region, a center for prosthetics and rehabilitation for Ukrainians affected by the war is opening. The Superhumans Center will have several blocks: operating rooms, technical laboratories for the production of individual prostheses, a department of physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy, a pool for people with (already) disabilities and a psychological help point.

The Ukrainian architectural studio Savytskyy Design and PeLe Engineering developed the project. The building is fully adapted for people with disabilities: in the department of rehabilitation and ergotherapy, the atmosphere of a residential building (kitchen, bathroom, furniture, etc.) was recreated so that a person learns to move around the familiar space at home. The center also has a variety of surfaces carpet, grass, tiles, asphalt, so that the patient has the opportunity to learn how to move on each of them.

All services, from prosthesis manufacture to rehabilitation, are free. To participate, you must fill out an application form.

All services will be free for Ukrainians who have suffered from the war. To get in line for prosthetics, you must fill out a blank on the Superhumans center website.

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