Deprived of Ukraine. Deprived of Drugs. Deprives Life

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, September 4, 2022
Deprived of Ukraine. Deprived of Drugs. Deprives Life

Occupation authorities imposed a ban on the importation of essential goods

Mayor of Melitopol under the Ukrainian government's Ivan Fedorov said that the occupiers stopped showing the last signs of humanity. The Russian occupiers have banned the importation of medicines and necessities. The authorities in the Russian Federation also threaten residents with shooting on the spot in case of violating the established regimes.

"They (the occupiers — ed.) have decided to ban the importation into the temporarily occupied territories of all essential goods, including essential medicines and hygiene products for children and adults. It is impossible to buy imported drugs in the city," said Ivan Fedorov.

According to the mayor, more than a few thousand Melitopol citizens suffer from chronic diseases. Due to the lack of preventive or emergency drugs can all be on the verge of life and death. The mayor called it terror and once again stressed that Russia is a terrorist state. Depriving a person of the means of necessities is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

In addition, occupation politicians of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions promise to impose restrictions on the use of Google and YouTube.

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