Development of Impact Drones by the Design Bureau “Yuzhnoye”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 4, 2022
Development of Impact Drones by the Design Bureau “Yuzhnoye”

The design bureau presented a draft of a future drone

The Ukrainian state enterprise for the manufacture of space machines decided to return former capacities. At the beginning of the year, Yuzhnoye launched the satellite, and at the beginning of February, announced the release of 8 orbital satellites in the next 3 years. After which step will be implemented the latest plan, in the blog GT Invest was told earlier. While these plans of the bureau are awaiting implementation, intensive work on the drone project is already underway.

The space machine will be used for protective purposes. The strike drone plans to equip with a state-of-the-art battle plan and a large ammunition compartment. It is possible to attach two munitions on the outer suspension — barrage ammunition. The design bureau will release the ammunition from a homing device already developed in 2021. The guidance device is equipped with an optical channel radar. The machine will be equipped with one engine.

The unmanned machine is currently in the computer design phase. The first results of the work of specialists of the design bureau of Yuzhnoye are presented in a video. The video was posted on the company’s official website. In the media series can see not only the design and intended equipment of the drone but also the launching of barrage ammunition.

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