Development of National Natural Parks of Ukraine

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Friday, November 26, 2021
Development of National Natural Parks of Ukraine

In 2022, the construction of tourist infrastructure for Ukraine will begin

Next year, the State agency for tourism development is preparing to launch several pilot projects to equip the necessary tourist infrastructure.

Within the framework of the development of national nature parks, the tourist infrastructure will be provided:

  • Development of a general navigation system for tourist magnets;
  • Creation of transport infrastructure to the National natural parks of Ukraine — highways, bus stops, railway and bus stations, parking lots, etc.;
  • Laying of marked routes, tourist and green trails, in particular, those that meet the requirements of accessibility;
  • Arrangement of locations for accommodation and recreation (campsites, trailer parks);
  • Presence on the territory of hotels, shops, restaurants, entertainment infrastructure;
  • Development of national parks identity and conducting advertising campaigns.

In 2022, more than ₴1,5 billion ($55,1 mln) will be allocated for the systematic development of the tourism industry. The funds will be used, in particular, for the development of unified tourist navigation, the development of cycling tourism, the promotion of Ukraine as a tourist destination in the international and domestic markets, and the launch of new international flights.

Let us recall that the main goal is to launch and implement tourism infrastructure development projects.

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