“Dialogues on the Reconstruction of Ukraine”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 9, 2023
“Dialogues on the Reconstruction of Ukraine”

The US ambassador to Ukraine took part in a conference on the prospects and directions for the reconstruction of Ukraine

On June 8, a conference of the Ukrainian news project NV, Dialogues on the Reconstruction of Ukraine, took place. Ambassador Bridget Brink took part in the conference as a speaker, and her speech spoke about 3 basic aspects for the restoration of Ukraine: security, economy and democracy. The United States is making significant efforts to help Ukrainians develop in each of these areas because we believe in Ukraine as a member of the European family, a future member of NATO and an important player in the international market.

"And quite recently, my secretary of state Antony Blinken also spoke about the vision of restoring Ukraine. And this vision is that Ukraine not only survives but also prospers. We fully agree that it is necessary to start now," Bridget Brink.

Today, the United States has allocated $37 billion to provide assistance to ensure Ukraine's security. Another $23 billion in direct aid to support the economy of Ukraine. Plus funding for the Ukrainian agricultural sector and assistance in eliminating the disaster in Nova Kakhovka. And that's not all.

"So you are not alone. Ukrainians are not alone in their desire to achieve these things. The United States, the world, and the Western world strongly support you. And I just want to note that when Ukraine looks to this future, I am very confident in the Ukrainian leadership in its Armed Forces on the battlefield. I am very confident in the people of Ukraine in the foreseeable future. I am very confident in our support for this future because it is an investment for us as well. I am very sure that Ukraine will win," Bridget Brink.

We remind you that today the United States announced a new package of military assistance for Ukraine.

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