Digital Judiciary in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 1, 2022
Digital Judiciary in Ukraine

The parliament of Ukraine adopted a draft law on the operation of e-judiciary in emergency and wartime conditions in the country

On July 1, the draft law on judiciary based on the state digital program Diia was adopted. Thus, in the conditions of war and a state of emergency, judicial proceedings will take place in electronic form through the Unified state web portal of electronic services, as well as the Diia mobile application.

What judicial procedures will be conducted in electronic format:

  • Obtaining data about the judicial institution considering the case, the participants, and the subject of the dispute;
  • Terms of consideration of the case;
  • Delivery of the court verdict and enforcement documents to a person who belongs to the parties to the case;
  • Remote gathering of judges for the review of judges. This item became relevant even during the time of Covid, which is not currently on the agenda in Ukraine at all.

It should be emphasized that notifying citizens about the conditions and results of the case will not be of an official nature but will create conditions for citizens under which they can quickly respond to changes in the case and its results.

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