Drone Coalition Supports Ukraine with Significant Contributions from Member Countries

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Drone Coalition Supports Ukraine with Significant Contributions from Member Countries

During the recent extraordinary meeting of the Drone Coalition’s leadership group, significant commitments were made to support Ukraine in its ongoing conflict

The meeting, which focused on updating coalition partners on the battlefield dynamics and Ukraine's defense needs, resulted in substantial pledges from Lithuania, Canada, and other member countries.

Key Outcomes of the Drone Coalition Meeting:

  • Canada's Contribution: Canada has pledged to start transferring 450 SkyRanger multi-purpose air defense missiles to Ukraine starting this summer.

  • Lithuania's Support: Lithuania has committed to providing 3 million euros specifically for the production of FPV drones, enhancing Ukraine's surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

  • The Netherlands' Initiative: In collaboration with Denmark and Germany, the Netherlands confirmed its intention to contract a batch of Heidrun RQ-35 drones worth 200 million euros, bolstering Ukraine’s drone fleet.

  • Germany's Donation: Germany will be transferring VECTOR 211 reconnaissance drones to Ukraine, aiding in intelligence and surveillance operations.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Kateryna Chernogorenko, emphasized the critical situation on the front lines, noting continuous attacks on civilian infrastructure, particularly energy facilities. "The situation at the front changes every day, the enemy continues to attack civilian objects, especially energy infrastructure. We need tools for asymmetric response. The time to discuss solutions is running out, we need it now," Chernogorenko stated during the meeting.

Latvian Defense Minister Andris Spruds echoed the urgency of escalating support for Ukraine, urging coalition members to actively participate and encourage more countries to join the initiative. "The war continues, so it's time for all participants to join in supporting the initiative, which is gaining momentum and waiting for new countries to join," Spruds remarked.

The drone coalition, co-led by Great Britain and Latvia, was officially established under the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine. It includes members such as Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. This coalition represents a crucial platform for coordinating international support and capabilities to aid Ukraine in its defense efforts.

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