Eco Bus for Collecting Secondary Items

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 28, 2022
Eco Bus for Collecting Secondary Items

In Uzhgorod city began to operate eco bus, which collects secondary raw materials

This is already the fourth trip of an eco bus. The route of the city eco bus, which in December last year began to take from the population secondary raw materials was renewed in Uzhgorod. The first launch this year took place on Friday, 21 January, reported on the project’s Facebook page. They said that the first eco bus trip this year had been successful, covering the left-bank part of the city. In total, the mobile recycling point had eight locations.

The route of the eco bus is a social project of the station of collection, preparation, and processing of recycled materials and its head Ruslan Schwarts. Earlier, in interviews and comments to journalists, the man said that people often approached him because his recycling station was located on the city's outskirts. Since it is not always convenient for people to bring waste there, an eco bus is the best solution. The car was bought last year, tuned up, and it first trip in December 2021, on the eve of Christmas and New year’s eve. Before the winter break, the eco bus traveled three times throughout the city, and on January 21, 2022, it embarked on a fourth tour.

The following types of waste are accepted from the people (in the bus and at the station itself):

  • Waste paper;
  • Polymers;
  • Glass;
  • Aluminum.
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