Japan Stands With Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Japan Stands With Ukraine

Japan broadcasts an unequivocal pro-Ukrainian position, shares European sanctions against Russia, provides defense and humanitarian support, and even expelled Russian ambassadors

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale attack on the territory of Ukraine. And already, on March 8, 10, and 13, Japan, without a prior request from Ukraine, sent cargo planes with humanitarian aid, protective equipment, and military defense tools to our country.

After the announcement of the use of chemical weapons by Russia against Mariupol and Kharkiv, Japan, which survived a nuclear war, announced the provision of assistance to Ukraine.

“JMOD decided to newly provide NBC suits, NBC masks, and drones to the Ukrainian government. The fight of Ukrainians to defend their country still continues so that JMOD will continue our utmost support. For Ukraine,” Japanese Ministry of defense.

On April 8, in solidarity with the decision of the European Union, Japan imposed an embargo on the import of Russian coal. This was announced by the prime minister of the state, Fumio Kishida. On April 19, that is, today, Japan expanded its package of sanctions against Russia and also banned the import of wood, aircraft parts, shipbuilding products, cars, motorcycles, and even vodka.

Also, on April 8, Japan's Ministry of foreign affairs expelled all Russian diplomats from Tokyo, arguing that Russia's "unforgivable war crimes" against Ukraine.

"According to the results of a comprehensive assessment, we requested the expulsion of 8 diplomats from the Russian Embassy in Japan and employees of the office of the trade representative of the Russian Federation," a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs in Tokyo.

Japan did not stop there and personally informed the Russian ambassador that the killing of Ukrainian civilians is "a grave violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime." According to the Japanese minister of defense, Nobuo Kishi, his state calls on the world's countries to unite and hold Russia accountable for the destruction of the population of Ukraine.

On the cover of this article, you will see a train at one of the stations in Japan. As a sign of support for the national Ukrainian railway operator Ukrzaliznytsya, the railway workers painted the train in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

"We want to show solidarity with both Ukrainian railways and Ukrzaliznytsia," the Japanese railway says.

We remind you that throughout the war, the trains of Ukrzaliznytsia did not stop even for an hour. Every day, train cars and employees of Ukrzaliznytsia evacuate thousands of Ukrainians from dangerous regions to central and western Ukraine.

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