Electricity’s Tariffication Changes In Ukraine

Monday, July 12, 2021
Electricity’s Tariffication Changes In Ukraine

The Ministry of energy plans to launch a new model of electricity prices for the population in Ukraine

Tariffs are planned to be launched from the 1st of August. The price for different groups of the population will differ depending on the volume of consumption. This is done in order to establish loyal tariffs for vulnerable groups of the population.

There will be several categories:

  • up to 100 kWh;
    100-300 kWh;
    300-500 kWh;
    from 500 kWh.

The maximum tariff is proposed to be set at 3,4 UAH / kWh ($0,12). Now the tariff for the population is set at 1,68 UAH / kWh ($0,6).

Any business regardless of the size of its industry and focus (small or medium, hotels, bakeries, etc.) in the course of its activities is interested not only in development and profit but also in cost optimization. One of the key areas for improving the efficiency of both industrial and non-industrial enterprises is to reduce the cost of purchasing energy resources.

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