Energy Company of Ukraine to Receive €70 Mln From EBRD

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 30, 2022
Energy Company of Ukraine to Receive €70 Mln From EBRD

On December 29, "Ukrenergo" and the EBRD Special Fund signed a grant agreement

An agreement was signed between Ukrenergo and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development special fund, under which Ukraine will receive a €70 million grant from the Netherlands. The money will be used to purchase equipment to restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure. Earlier, Ukrenergo and the EBRD signed an agreement to raise a €300 million loan to repair Ukraine's high-voltage infrastructure and the stability of Ukraine's national energy company.

As of today, more than 50% of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine has been damaged. The most difficult situation is in Kyiv. However, thanks to foreign partners' help, Ukraine is strengthening its energy supply to critical structures and the civilian population daily.

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