Energy Union Born in Response to Russian Terror

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Energy Union Born in Response to Russian Terror

12 countries agreed to help Ukraine restore the country's energy facilities

On October 10, the Russian Federation began a new stage of destruction of Ukrainians — with the help of a lack of light, heat, and the ability to maintain body hygiene. In connection with the destruction of a large number of power plants throughout the country, Ukraine began negotiations with representatives of various countries. The dialogue concerns the supply of individual parts and installations to deal with the consequences of the Russian attacks.

The minister of foreign affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, said that during the talks already 12 countries agreed to assist in the reconstruction of facilities. The relevant authority has prepared a list of the necessary components for the rehabilitation of power plants. All requests are sent by the European civil protection mechanism and the North Atlantic Alliance crisis response centre. 

"We have already agreed to supply equipment from governments and companies in 12 countries: Israel, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Northern Macedonia, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, and France. In general, there are 954 units of energy equipment. The first aid parties are already in Ukraine; the rest is expected shortly. We continue to work on increasing the number of partners and the amount of support," Kuleba said.

Also, the Ukrainian government makes official requests to individual companies-producers of power equipment. The negotiations are conducted with organizations of France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, China, and other countries.

Recall that the German government reacted decisively to the Kremlin's attacks on Ukraine's power plants. The federal government approved the transfer of €20 million to create an emergency heat and water supply.

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