Eternal Weapons

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, December 4, 2022
Eternal Weapons

The contract with Lithuania is valid: 2 more "PzH 2000" returned to Ukraine after the repair

Russian soldiers like to throw their weapons on the battlefield. According to Forbes' reports, the RF became the largest supplier of arms to Ukraine —  according to confirmed data, the "second army" left Ukrainian liberators almost 400 tanks, 700 armoured vehicles, and 170 artillery systems as of mid-autumn. In contrast, Ukraine keeps every installation. Lithuania helps it. Earlier, the Lithuanian government declared its readiness to repair self-propelled artillery installations for the Ukrainian army. The friendly state is acting very quickly, helping Ukraine not to freeze offensive actions. Thus, Lithuanian defence minister Arvydas Anushauskas made a corroborating statement.

"2 more PzH 2000 howitzers were repaired and delivered to Ukraine. Together with ammunition," said the minister on Twitter.

Recall that earlier, the Lithuanian government announced the allocation of winter aid to Ukrainian soldiers, the size of which is €2 million.

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