EU Allocates €5 Mln Under “Creative Europe”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 15, 2022
EU Allocates €5 Mln Under “Creative Europe”

European Commission announces a competition of projects for the protection and development of Ukrainian culture

On 14 September, the European Commission announced a competition in support of Ukraine. The competition was opened as part of the Creative Europe 2023 work program. The main objective of the competition is to create cultural projects that will help to preserve, revive and support Ukrainian culture. The competition is open to artists and creative organizations from around the world. The European Commission will select the 3 best projects. It is noted that the implementation of work will be both in Ukraine and abroad. For the competition's finalists, a sum of €5 million is allocated to implement the offers.

The implementation of the winning projects will be supported by the consortia created in the countries associated with the Creative Europe program. Ukrainian cultural organizations will also monitor the performance of the program.

"Cultural expression and access to culture are essential to our lives. They help us overcome traumatic events, enhance our collective and individual resilience, and provide us all with the means to understand each other. I am very pleased that we can contribute to help in the access to the culture of those Ukrainians who were displaced by the war in Ukraine or are in one of the countries participating in Creative Europe," said European commissioner for culture Maria Gabriel.

Applications are accepted until 29 November 2022.

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