EU May Transfer All Ammunition to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
EU May Transfer All Ammunition to Ukraine

Eurocommissioner Breton calls on EU countries to transfer all ammunition from their warehouses to Kyiv

On 27 March, Thierry Breton delivered a joint press conference with Polish prime minister Moravecki and Polish minister of national defence Blaszczak. As a result of the answers to journalists' questions, European Commissioner for internal market and services Breton called on all allies of Ukraine to prepare for the rapid transfer of combat supplies from warehouses. The main reason for such an appeal was Russia's ongoing aggression in Ukraine. It is known that Ukraine spends thousands of shells daily to repel Kremlin attacks. Therefore, the lack of the required quantity of ammunition endangers even more civilians and military personnel in Ukraine.

Concrete also named the calibre of ammunition, which should be handed over to Kyiv first.

"First of all, we must tell all EU countries that it is time to hand over to Ukraine the ammunition they now have in their warehouses. The calibre is 155 mm but also 120 mm and other calibres. Member States have accumulated ammunition, and we call on them to provide this ammunition as soon as possible, and it is essential to do so immediately," said Thierry Breton.

Therefore, the sides of the meeting agreed that the allies need to increase the capacity to produce arms and ammunition for it. It also became known that for increased production of combat supplies, the Polish factory Dezamet SA will be held from 5 days to 7 days of working. This will support Ukraine and be protected it in the current geopolitical situation.

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