Eurocommission Organises Mobile Town in Bucha

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 29, 2022
Eurocommission Organises Mobile Town in Bucha

Kyiv region to receive 300 mobile homes and heating point

The city council of Bucha reported that the residents affected by the Russian invaders will be able to survive the winter in their hometown. From the first days of the war, Bucha was destroyed by tanks, missiles, and small weapons of the Russian army. This city has become synonymous with the words "fear" and "ruthlessness". But after the city was liberated, people still returned to their town and tried to rebuild their homes.

Affected Ukrainians are assisted by both the state and foreign institutions. The European Commission and the Swedish civil contingency agency approved humanitarian aid for the residents of Bucha. Organizations in operation will transfer 300 mobile homes. These houses will help Ukrainian families to survive the winter and will be heating stations in different areas of the city. Already Ukrainian specialists are trained in the installation and operation of structures. Education mission deployed in Rivne, Ukraine.

Houses will be insulated for Ukrainian frosts. Each mobile cabin has small windows, several beds, and curtains for separating sleeping places.

"We want to thank international partners for the necessary support in a difficult time for our country," the city council representatives thanked.

We remind you that except foreign donors, the IKEA business also helped to get shelter to those whose homes were divested by the war. 

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