Eurocontrol Continues Support for Ukrainian Aviation Sector Through 2024

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Eurocontrol Continues Support for Ukrainian Aviation Sector Through 2024

The European Association for Air Navigation Safety (Eurocontrol) made a landmark decision on Wednesday, November 29

The Standing Commission of Eurocontrol agreed to extend the operation of the European Voluntary Aviation Solidarity Fund into 2024, aimed at supporting the aviation sectors of Ukraine and Moldova.

This extension ensures the ongoing operational activities of Ukraerorukh and lays the groundwork for the restoration of airspace services in Ukraine following the cessation of hostilities. Andriy Yarmak, the Director of Ukraerorukh, shared this development on his Facebook page.

Yarmak highlighted that the fund will continue to facilitate Ukraerorukh's operational activities, much like it has this year, and will aid in establishing the conditions necessary for the revitalization of Ukraine's airspace services post-conflict. He pointed out that for nearly two years, Ukraine and its aviation sector have faced unprecedented challenges.

"We are vigorously pursuing avenues for the rapid post-war recovery of air navigation services in Ukraine's airspace, a crucial step for resuming civil aviation flights. Our focus is on preserving the enterprise and its infrastructure, our team, and their expertise. We are orchestrating comprehensive international support for our initiatives, thanks to contributions from Eurocontrol, various global aviation institutions, air navigation service providers, governments, aviation authorities, international reconstruction and development organizations, and equipment manufacturers," Yarmak stated.

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