Europeans Invest in Land Bank Automated Monitoring Service

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 10, 2022
Europeans Invest in Land Bank Automated Monitoring Service

The “Feodal” service received a tranche of $250.000

The audit of the soil with the help of the Feodal service has already been committed for 4 years. Online-company provides reports and statements about the Land bank of Ukraine. The list of services has three main options:

  • The project — is a section in which the service helps to collect papers for the inventory of land of territorial units;
  • — is a system that visualizes the land bank of the country using satellite imagery. This section is available to both authorities and farmers' organizations. The greatest advantage of this service is the prompt receipt of data on leases and their duration;
  • — is a relatively new service that provides information on the location of land, the subordination of counterparties and territorial units, the presence of a cadastral number, etc.

Feodal, founded by Ukrainian Andrii Demianovych, has already attracted 5 million hectares of Ukrainian land and participants in various agricultural markets. At the end of 2021, the service managed to attract the attention of European sponsors. The Group of European progressive developers made an investment of type pre-seed. This means that the money received should be spent on the transition of the Ukrainian startup to the global market. Feodal plans to spend $250.000 in two ways:

  • Increasing the number of services;
  • International expansion.

The first tranche was commented on by Andrii Demianovych. "Investments for us are resources that allow us to expand our team and accelerate the creation of innovative products for effective enterprise asset management. Besides, to enter new markets. We support the idea of environmental stewardship, social control and corporate regulations, and we are to achieve it," Feodal founder said.

The automated service, which provides a wide range of services, has greatly simplified tasks for both owners of agro-industries and land service providers.

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