Last Day of Dame Melinda Simmons as Ambassador of the UK to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
Last Day of Dame Melinda Simmons as Ambassador of the UK to Ukraine

The beloved by Ukrainians ambassador today passes the chair to another diplomat and goes to the next rotation. And remains in our hearts

Today, August 30, the service of Dame Melinda Simmons, the British ambassador to Ukraine, ends in Ukraine. Dame Melinda was in Kyiv every day of the war and, shoulder to shoulder, went through all the cruel trials with us and supported our people even in the smallest trifles. In addition, the ambassador learned the Ukrainian language, fell in love with Ukrainian cuisine, got acquainted with our culture and found her favourite in Ukraine.

Today, Dame Melinda Simmons recorded a video message in Ukrainian for Ukrainians:

"Today is my last day as the UK ambassador to Ukraine. Over all these years, we've gone through thick and thin. Together we have spent hours of productive work to help Ukraine grow as a modern democracy. We've made good friends. Russia's war fused our connection even deeper. We all hid in shelters, mourned the fallen, and cheered about liberated areas. It's always sad to say good bye. Yet I am reassured that my departure will not change much for Ukraine. The UK will remain your reliable partner. Thank you all who keeps Ukraine going. Thank you all who supported me during this journey. I feel proud thinking that we've been together through such challenging times. Ukraine will win and we will definitely meet again. The UK is with you for the long run. Until Victory and after."

The Kyiv cafe Zavertailo created Melinda croissant for the ambassador as a gift and gratitude for her love for our people, for her support during the darkest times.

"Yes. My hair looks EXACTLY like that topping," brilliantly commented Melinda Simmons.

A fluffy hero of Ukrainians, the sapper dog Patron gave Melinda Simmons the keys to Ukraine and left a note asking her to come to Ukraine often and without an invitation.

"Omg. Thank you Patron. I will!" replied our beloved ambassador on Twitter.

After another Russian attack on Kyiv, Dame Simmons published a photo of a cotton flower in a vase, which in Ukraine symbolises the victory of Ukrainians over Russia. And signed in Ukrainian: "I have recently developed a fondness for this plant #bavovna."

A nail art on the hands of Dame Melinda Simmons: freedom blue and energising yellow. 

Forever in our hearts. We are waiting in Ukraine again!

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