“Eurovision-2023”: Ukrainians Delivered a Powerful Message

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 8, 2023
“Eurovision-2023”: Ukrainians Delivered a Powerful Message

"TVORCHI" band opened fundraising to help prematurely born children during the war

This was announced by TVORCHI during the opening ceremony of the 67th Eurovision song contest. A Ukrainian group appeared at the competition's opening in black and red business suits with embroidered names of women and men. As TVORCHI became the focus of world attention this year, artists became charity ambassadors. All the names on the costumes were not only real but also belonged to Ukrainian children who were born prematurely. This message was only part of the main goal of the Eurovision participants from the Ukrainian side. The soloist of TVORCHI, Jeffrey Kenny, said that the main thing for them now is not the victory in the competition or the victory of Ukraine over the Russian aggressor. In his opinion, the most important thing now is to save premature children. The group, therefore, began raising funds to help all prematurely born children during the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The creators announced that the purpose of the charity collection is $270.000. The funds will be spent on purchasing 10 modern incubators for premature babies.

Recall that in 2022 Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra won the competition. According to tradition, the Eurovision Song Contest should be held in the country of last year's winner. However, the Eurovision-2023 will be held in Liverpool, England, due to the Russian War in Ukraine. Last year's winners will appear in the final with the song Voice of the new generation. Also, this year, Ukrainian participants of Eurovision in previous years, Jamala and Verka Serduchka, will be guests in the song contest. The representatives from Ukraine of this year perform the song Heart of Steel.

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