“Eurovision” Winner Holds Auction In Support of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, May 27, 2022
“Eurovision” Winner Holds Auction In Support of Ukraine

"Kalush Orchestra" sells the "Eurovision" winner’s cup and the panama hat, which has become the identification mark of the band’s frontman

On May 14, the final of the Eurovision song contest-2022 took place. Ukrainian hip-hop group Kalush Orchestra became the winner this year.

The group planned to hold an auction in support of the Ukrainian army if it won the competition. On May 25, it was reported that the Kalush Orchestra had kept its promise. Ukrainian performers have launched charity acoustics, on which they sell two things at once:

  • Promised before the victory Eurovision cup-2022;
  • Pink panama hat.

Pink panama became an unofficial symbol of the group. The lead singer of the band went on stage from the first day of the selection wearing a pink hat, so he became his trademark. The headdress will be played among all those who want to receive this symbol of the winner. A person must deposit a donation of €5 to participate in the drawing. Ukrainian online bank Monobank became an assistant of the auction, so donats are accepted in the account of this bank. The perpetrator notes that the more donations one person has made, the greater the chance of winning.

The crystal microphone for the Eurovision song contest 2022 will be given to those who contribute the most.

The draw will take place on May 28. Until the same day, contributions to the hat and trophy are accepted.

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