Even God Cannot Help Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 1, 2022
Even God Cannot Help Russia

The Ukrainian orthodox church banned in Ukraine by people's power

Ukrainians were doing everything to ensure that the Russian Federation could not obtain a share of Ukrainian culture and property. Therefore, a document was registered on the state portal of petitions, according to which the country should ban the work of the Russian orthodox church. The petition was registered by the People's deputy of the European Solidarity party Oleksii Honcharenko. 25.000 Ukrainians supported his proposal. This means that the government will now consider banning the church's work, which is subordinate to the Moscow patriarchate. This means that the Holy Dormition Pochayiv, Svyatohirsk, and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (you see it on the cover) will be entirely under the ownership of Ukraine.

"The bill provides for early termination of all documents of the lease, hire or leasing with this institution, as well as with legal persons, owner, participant, the shareholder of which he is," the author of the petition Honcharenko said.

It is worth noting that the desire of the people is not exclusive. Before Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine began, the Ukrainian security service had already begun to verify those involved with the Ru-orthodox church. The security service checks the clergy for fidelity and cooperation with the Russian Federation.

After Russia began to shed the blood of Ukrainians, and the Moscow church saw nothing wrong in war, Ukraine should have nothing to do with the aggressor: on the legislative, spiritual, or territorial level.

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