Exists of Ukrainian Gambling: Trends and Motivators

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Exists of Ukrainian Gambling: Trends and Motivators

Most popular niches of game business after legalization in 2020 in Ukraine

After the changes in the law, casinos and other games with money appeared in Ukraine. Most of them exist on the internet — online gambling. Already today, the turnover of this market is $4.5 trillion. Specialists predict that by 2026 the amount could rise to $7.7 trillion. What branches of gambling are the most popular and profitable in Ukraine, let us consider next.

Banks and special payment services serve the financial industry of gambling. Therefore, the legalization of online casinos is advantageous for banks. Due to this, payment services in the country are expanding every year.

In the e-invest.com/investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/" rel="dofollow">commerce segment, there are specialists in niche categories of gambling. For example, taking bets.

Separately  "iGaming" is a narrow gambling direction covering only online entertainment. This includes, for example, virtual casino gambling and online poker. During the pandemic, online casino popularity has increased exponentially, and so far, this trend has continued.

But the most popular and profitable in Ukraine remains mobile gambling. This is due to the growing share of mobile internet and new 4G and 5G data transfer technologies.

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