Finland Releases Official Decision to Join NATO

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 15, 2022
Finland Releases Official Decision to Join NATO

After Finland joins the Alliance, the land border between NATO and Russia will increase to 2.600 km

On May 15, the office of president Sauli Niinistö announced Finland's decision to become part of NATO. The decision was taken by the president and the minister of foreign policy and security committee. The decision is also supported by Sanna Marin, the Finnish people, and Ukraine.

The accession report was submitted to the government for consideration, then to the parliament, and after that, it will be sent for entry into NATO.

"This is a historic day. A new era is opening," Sauli Niinistö

We remind you that on May 14, Sauli Niinistö called a man with sick ambitions in the Kremlin (or a bunker) and shared the joy with him: Finland will join NATO.

During the conversation, Niinistö told Putin directly about what his army was doing in Ukraine and what the war is leading to, and also recalled that Russia is blocking the evacuation of people from Azovstal. Putin replied that “the Ukrainian side is not interested in a constructive dialogue.”

We remind you that blocking of Azovstal and not letting anyone out of there is a direct personal order from Putin. He published it to the whole world in the broadcast of his conversation with Shoigu: "Block off this industrial area so that the fly does not fly through."

The Pentagon has already confirmed that if Russia attacks Finland or Sweden, the US will respond.

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