France to Increase Deliveries of “Crotale” and “Caesar” to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 21, 2022
France to Increase Deliveries of “Crotale” and “Caesar” to Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron announced the intentions of the state to strengthen air defence over the cities of Ukraine

On December 20, aboard the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Egypt, Emmanuel Macron held a briefing on France's plans for a war in Ukraine. The president said that in addition to recent days, France has transferred a lot of missile launchers, Crotale air defence to Ukraine and even more weapons than during the entire period of the armed conflict in Ukraine.

"We are also working with the armed forces minister (Sebastien Lecornu) to be able to deliver useful arms and ammunition again in the first quarter (of 2023) so that the Ukrainians would be able to defend themselves against bombardments," said the president Macron before leaving for the summit in Jordan.

According to France24, a new batch of French weapons for Ukraine is already being formed and will include the necessary for Ukraine Caesars.

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